Real Life Glamorosas! Meet Veronica & Daniela

Real Life Glamorosas! Meet Veronica & Daniela

We have been getting some cute pictures of real life Glamorosas, so we started a feature on our website highlighting our new amigas and their favorite things.

Veronica and Daniela are best friends and love playing the games on our website.

These little Latinas love fashion, music and make up. We are very excited to feature them on our website!


Veronica, Age 7

Favorite color: Hot pink
Favorite movie: Barbie and Mariposa
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Sport: Ice skating
Favorite Glamorosa: Isabel
Accomplishment: 2 Bronze medals in ice skating
Pets: a kitten and a bunny
Veronica is on the Honor Roll and loves swimming & horseback riding.
She also loves giving back to help others by donating her clothes and toys.

Daniela, Age 8

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Barbie and the Mermaid Tale
Favorite Food: Cuban sandwich
Favorite Sport: Dancing/ballet
Favorite Glamorosa: Alejandra
Accomplishment: Honor Roll in school and star dancer
Pets: a puppy and a beta fish

Check out this cute little video of Veronica doing what she loves … cooking with Mami!

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